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    1 John 4:8 - Whoever does not love does not know God, because God is love.

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People look for love everywhere except in it's original source...Man cannot produce love without Christ...


Conversation - TikaStar* & Living Epistle

Verse 1 – Living Epistle

Tell me do he make you feel trifling/
Last week you fornicated with him and you aint heard from him/
Are you really in love with him?/
Or you attracted to his rims spinning on S Benz/

Maybe it’s the money he spends (Girl, he make ends)/
Is that why you feeling him or is it the clothes he in/
You fantasize about marrying him/
But he don’t bring you around family and friends/

He lusted you and left you so now you hating men/
Used to be a good girl now you living in sin/
Got tired of getting played so now you now you playing the game/
Compromised yourself now you living in shame/

Check your self esteem babygirl you are a Queen/
You worth more than his check if you know what I mean/
Some brothers got no remorse they want more/
But all is fair in lust and war/

That brother says he love you but it done feel right/
You really don’t know love til you know the love of Christ/
You wanna be loved for the rest of your life/
Well, you really don’t know love til you know the love of Christ/

Verse 2 – A-live!

There is no love without Christ, there is no love in this life/
You been to Vegas? Same thing, just like a roll of the dice/
You gambling without him, you chance is slimmer than slim/
Trying live without God, is like a hat with no brim/

He’ll be the shade in the sun/
He’ll be the wind when you run/
God manifested in flesh/
We call Him, Jesus the Son/

He is the air that you breathe/
The very beat of your heart/
The Virgin Mary conceived/
That was His plan from the start/ Redemption


Verse 3 – A-live!

Christ loves unconditionally that agape love that’s the love that’s meant for me/
Better yet meant for He and meant for She and meant for We by the grace of G-O-D/
Listen, God is not a man for he tell no lies, you gotta watch a man’s love cuz it come in disguise/
Whispers of sweet nothings at first sound so live but when it come to the truth you on a ride full of lies/

But the love of Christ, I said the love of Christ/
Is the way to the light the only way to the right/
The kind of love in a battle when there’s no need that you fight/
That’s why He died on the cross to be the Lord of your life/

Aye! His Name is Jesus, I pray that you call on His Name/
Cuz please believe me, the devil aint playing no games/
Cuz when them times get rough and situations get tough/
I gurantee you he’s (Satan) adding more fuel to the flame/

More stress, more lies, more pain, more evil/
You tell me what you see in the eyes of his people/
More lust, more pride, more fame, more cash/
More lights, more cameras, more action, more flash/

But none of it will last when you give it to God/
Just give your life to God/
Say, give it all to God/



from This One's For You, released January 8, 2011
Conversation - TikaStar* & Living Epistle
1st Verse - Living Epistle
2nd & 3rd Verse - A-live!

Produced, recorded & mixed by Livng Epistle for Shockwave Productions.
Mastered by SoundLab at DiscMakers.



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