This One's For You

from by A-live!

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This One's For You!


Verse 1– A-live!

I got some good news for you in these last days/
Hope is still alive and there’s a better way/
But do me a favor real quick and put the past back/
We know that there’s no way that we can bring the past back/

I’m sure that it’s a fact you’ve had some hard times/
You out here on your own, staying on the grind/
And I respect that fam because I understand/
But on the flip side I know God has a plan/

For your life, no matter the cards you were dealt/
You think your hand was bad imagine what the Savior felt/
Rejection, pain, broken, and bruised/
Misunderstood, brutally beaten, scorned and used/

All the pain you’ve been through, He understands it all/
And that’s the reason why I had to write this song/
Because He’s real, He’s God faithful and true/
Turn the volume (Yea!) This one’s for you!


Verse 2– A-live!

This song is for my brother who out there hustling/
The God that made you owns everything just trust in him/
My sister with 3 children and they daddy gone/
(Knock, knock who is it Jesus) Hey!! Daddy’s home/

The one that’s all alone, waiting on her man/
Take Christ by the hand and then you’ll understand/
This for my brother raised by his mother who has no love/
And to his father who had no father who died from drugs/

This song is for the homeless/ this is song for the broke/
This song is for D-boy who out there selling dope/
This cut was made for me and the people I love/
This track is just for you, with a love from above/

Jesus Christ, Jesus Christ, this one’s for you/
We all praying and asking for the strength to get through/
My Precious Jesus, this one’s for you/
Lord I’m praying and asking for the strength to get through/


Verse 3– A-live!

For God so loved the world, he gave his only son/
To all that believe have the right to become/
Children of the most high, salt of the earth/
Light of the world, Redeemed so the curse is reversed/

A mansion up in heaven with your name on it/
You’ll be protected in these streets, when you rolling/
Love and peace in your heart to give him glory/
No shame, do your thing, go ahead and tell your story/

Man, my life was hard, it hit me where it hurt/
Plenty bruises and scars, face down in the dirt/
No love only pain, that’s the reason I failed/
Sick and tired of the struggle, I was going through hell/

Until I met Christ, He said He died for me/
Because He understood the pain and misery/
Now I’m a new man with a new plan/
Give your life to Christ and let this be you fam/


from This One's For You, released January 8, 2011
Produced, recorded & mixed by Livng Epistle for Shockwave Productions.
Mastered by SoundLab at DiscMakers.



all rights reserved


A-live! Houston

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