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True Satisfication comes from being in Christ. God is Glorified in us because we find our joy, peace and love in Him.


Verse 1 – A-live!

I remember, in the club sweet talking women wit my words/
Now I gotta wife straight out the 31st of Proverbs/
Skipping class, selling weed to make my cash/
Everyday was Halloween cuz I kept a mask on/

You would have never know who I was/
I was repping blood and acting like a thug/
But now I rep the Blood of the one they drug/
He took my pain away like Tin Su back rub/

So now I testify because the Lord is Great/
And man, I feel just fine like I was Mary J/
Made up like Mary K, he washed me white as snow/
My life was dark as night, this is what you need to know/

That I was in them streets, and I was on them sweets/
I was between them sheets, but my life was In-Com-Plete/
Until I met the Lord, Have you met the Lord/
I’m gon keep testifying, until we all on board/ Let’s Go!!


Verse 2 – Chos’in (Cory B)

I gotta testify no matter the cost cuz/
Christ endured He sacrificed and shed His blood/
He gave his life to give you life, that’s what you call love/
He was beat, battered and slain, that’s what the cost was/

That’s what the cost was, (I said that’s what the cost was) /
That’s why I’m raw and rugged for the Christ like the cross was/
Yea!!!! Get a load of this cuzz/
I was heavy on them drugs and addicted to strip clubs/

Ran with a click of thugs, always kept a mean mug/
Trying to fill that void but I was missing Elohim’s love/
Yea! And I was stuck off in that mud/
And slipping in that miry clay, He came and picked me up/

Yea! Aye! And fear had me bound/
But amazing grace, how sweet the sound/
Uh! That saved a wretch like me/
I went from least likely to succeed to a college degree/


Verse 3 - Hollis

Another sixteen inspired by the Holy Spirit/
World class Christian releasing Holy lyrics/
We done rolled the prisons and seen my folk delivered/
Yea they know He’s risen saw it with my own vision/

Man they in the system but the system not in them/
Dude came to me and said he got fifty years/
Dude faith was strong, he told me keep pressing on/
And use the microphone and show these brothers right from wrong/

And so I write this song, not with my might alone/
Inspired by my Christians brothers that may not come home/
Doing a life sentence still fighting to the finish/
Pursuing Christ image covered in that white linen/

Man they in them chains while we out here playing games/
They on another level, what if you had that shovel/
Would you repping Christ if you were facing twenty to life/
We gotta get it right and put our minds on that flight/


from This One's For You, released January 8, 2011
1st verse - A-live!
2nd verse - Chos'in (Cory B)
3rd verse - Hollis

Produced, recorded & mixed by Livng Epistle for Shockwave Productions.
Mastered by SoundLab at DiscMakers.



all rights reserved


A-live! Houston

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