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    Galatians 2:20

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Romans 1:16 - For I am not ashamed of the gospel of Christ, for it is the power of God to salvation for everyone who believes, for the Jew first and also for the Greek.


Verse 1 – A-live!

I gotta rep his name, he got me out them chains/
I was like Scarface, I was deep off in the game/
He gave me a new name, he changed my mind frame/
Now I’m like Apostle Paul for Christ I’m unashamed/

I’m bout to lose my brain, Yea my Savior came/
He ascended into Heaven and poured his spirit out like rain/
Hey!! That’s why we gotta stand up/
And represent the King man I know that aint too much/

Because, he did it for you, he did it for me/
He bruised and beat, yet washed our feet and died on a tree/
That’s why, I’ll bless the Lord with all of my soul/
Jesus Christ of Nazareth is the greatest story told/

So, ain’t no sense in playing because the lamb was slain/
So when you see me please know that I’m repping his name/
I gotta rep the Lord, I gotta rep the King/
Forget the fame and change, its Christ over everything/


Verse 2 – Cory B (Chos'in)

I rep the, King of Kings and the Boss of all Bosses/
Lord of all Lords, who they nailed to the Cross and/
Put Him in a tomb but he never took a loss/
Cuz He rose on the 3rd to redeem all the lost/

Yea! Its so much power in the name/
Mention Jesus Christ, the atmosphere change/
Demons get to fleeing and they start going insane/
And they have no other choice but to let go of the chains/

Man! And no it’s not a game/
Did I forget to mention, I’m not in it for the change/
Naw! And I aint in it for the fame neither/
I just came to do one thing and that’s to rep the name of Jesus/

Christ! The way, the truth, and the life mayne/
I’m unashamed, I rep Him all day and night mayne/
I go against the grain and that’s right mayne/
To live is Christ and to die is Gain/


Verse 3 – A-live!

We gotta rep his name, its people out there dying/
They need to hear the Gospel, we can help stop the crying/
We can help stop the lying, and get em’ out of danger/
Just from telling them about the baby in the manger/

That’s why they call us strangers, we in a foreign land/
Lets not sin by being silent, we need to take a stand/
(Talking) For real, its time to speak up and represent the King/
Lets not sin by being silent, we need to take a stand/

Huh! The time is up for being discreet/
Just like the Woman at the Well, let’s take it to the streets/
From the hood to the city, can’t forget the suburbs/
I know we love him, lets show we love him, lets live his word/

(Talking) C’mon man! Who gon ride with me and the share the good news/
You riding! I’m riding! Let’s roll/
We hit the streets screaming/
Christ, Christ, the Way, the Truth and Life



from This One's For You, released January 8, 2011
1st Verse & 3rd Verse - A-live!
2nd Verse - Cory B (Chos'in)

Produced, recorded & mixed by Livng Epistle for Shockwave Productions.
Mastered by SoundLab at DiscMakers.



all rights reserved


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