One Life to Live (P​.​U​.​S​.​H)

from by A-live!

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1 Timothy 6:12a - Fight the good fight of faith, lay hold on eternal life.


Verse 1 – A-live!

I push it to the limit like Ricky Ross/
But I aint pushing bricks, I’m pushing the Cross/
I’m pushing the Lord, I’m pushing the King/
Yea, Yea, Yea!! It’s Christ over everything/

And I aint gotta sing cuz you hear me rapping/
This is not Hustler music you wont catch me trapping/
No pistol packing, no money stacking/
I will not live my life saluting to the wrong captain/

They say pray until something happen/
So that’s what I gotta do until I get my breakthrough/
Now that I got me do you got you? /
Or will you just play the fool and act like you too cool/

No matter what you choose, know that you have a choice/
Satan will try to silence you but you still have a voice/
You got the gift of life so gone live it up/
Live it for the Christ homeboy and never give up/


Verse 2 – Cory B (Chos'in)

Its evident where were created to worship the Lord/
He told Abraham I’m your exceeding and great reward/
I’m your peace and joy, I’m the Real McCoy/
The thief only want one thing and that’s to kill steal and destroy/

Oh boy! Listen up His Name is Jesus Christ/
He’s the way, truth and the Life and He came to give abundant life/
He who loses his life is he who gains his life/
And he who loses his life is he who tries to save his life/

So please, don’t get caught up in this world man/
It’s an emotional rollercoaster, will have you in a whirlwind/
What do it profit a man til gain the whole world and/
He lose his soul when this world end/

This earth gone pass away and this world’s a façade/
So store you treasure in Heaven, live your life for God/
Don’t get caught up with chasing money, big houses and cars/
I know times get hard but keep pushing for God/


Verse 3 – A-live!

You gotta push it to the limit no matter the stress/
Because it’s just a test to get you off your quest/
You’ve been blessed by the best, His name is Jesus Christ/
He’s the reason that your breathing, He’s the one that gave you life/

Take a look in the mirror you’ve been made in His image/
Time to get in the game, Time is up for the scrimmage/
So bounce it out like Emmitt, run for the Hall of Fame/
I mean the Hall of Faith, Hebrews 11 mayne/

Yes Sir! Obey the commands of the Lord/
You gotta push it to the limit no matter the score/
Just when you think you down, He comes and pick you up/
You look up you in the end zone now go ahead and do your strut/

Haha!! I’m talking bout victory/
Listen this is all true, this is no trickery/
Go head and finish strong and never give up/
Never give up, never give up, ne-ne-ne never give up! /

Verse 4 – Blue City

Signs of the times, the end is so near/
Walking through the fire with no fear and I'm still standing when the smoke clears/
Yea! The hustle's the prize o' the high calling/
The foundation is shaking even the sky's falling/

I'm in a daze, the days they come and they go/
Weeks and years have no mercy, they want the trumpet to blow/
All of creation's preparing for the return/
So while I'm on my knees, I see the ants and learn/

Like "Why the never stopping?", got my mental jotting/
Notes bout a hope that no sluggard has a lot in/
So it's the Spirit n' the inner fire He ignites/
Got our fists clenched tight even though it's a fixed fight/

My heart, my mind, my life, my talents, my time/
They died with Jesus my purpose was redesigned/
Redefined, redeemed, and reborn/
A-live, Blue City, we blowing the king’s horn/



from This One's For You, released January 8, 2011
1st & 3rd Verse - A-live!
2nd Verse - Cory B (Chos'in)
4th Verse - Blue City

Produced by J-Myth (Jhonuelle Hollins)
Recorded & mixed by Livng Epistle for Shockwave Productions.
Mastered by SoundLab at DiscMakers.



all rights reserved


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