New Life

from by A-live!

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2 Corinthians 5:17 - If any man be in Christ, he is a NEW creature, old things have passed away, behold, all things have become NEW.


Verse 1 - A-live!

There’s new life in the Christ, Yea that’s right/
He’s the life and the light, in the darkest of nights/
The devil’s fighting you, to keep you from this truth/
Cuz’ when you get this truth, them shackles will be loosed/

And, I’m homie I am proof, that the Gospel is real/
That the Gospel, that the Gospel is real/
It’s so real that I live, cuz I should’ve been dead/
Or locked in the pen, doing time in the fedz/

But listen, I am here, I came to bring you hope/
This life’s a tug-o-war, but Jesus wants to take the rope/
The question’s will you give, it up so you can live/ (Give it up, Give it up)
That’s right, do you wanna live? /

Verse 2 – Neicey

New Life, like a fresh pair of sneakers on my feet/
The Gospel of peace now I’m ready to speak/
It renews my mind and converts my thoughts/
Now I live the good life in this body that He bought/

With the blood of Jesus who made it possible/
For new behavior in His love and grace to be probable/
Now I put it on the peace of God in true righteousness/
And holiness, His kindness and forgiveness til’ I rest/

I’m astonished to be blessed in every test to be reset/
In faithfulness now I kept at His chest, in His new heart/
A new start, A new mind now I shine like the start that I are/
Because He lives to forgive to resurrect not reject/

My soul, to make me whole, took control/
Though I was shape in iniquity, he sent to me/
Salvation was His gift to me, relation to the Son/
To the king, Now I sing a new song in His freedom/

Verse 3 - Living Epistle

Yea! Newness of life, thank God I got Christ/
New gift of sight, thank God I found Christ/
Or better yet he found me, I was drowning in a sea/
Of selfishness and darkness all surrounded me/

I’m telling you I was blind but now I see/
Thank you Jesus, your love abounds in me/
Yes! God is going green/
He renewed me recycled me clean, fresh like Irish spring/

You think you know me on the outside I look the same/
But check the x-rays on the inside, there’s been a change/
Buried with Him through baptism into death/
He took under brought me up now I’m walking fresh/

Long gone is that season when I was depressed/
He scrubs iniquity off til there’s no left/
I’m confident that this good He will complete/
Like a honeycomb, this new life is so sweet/



from This One's For You, released January 8, 2011
1st Verse - A-live!
2nd Verse - Niecey
3rd Verse - Living Epistle
Singing - TikaStar*

Produced, recorded & mixed by Livng Epistle for Shockwave Productions.
Mastered by SoundLab at DiscMakers.



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