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1 Peter 2:21 - For to this you were called, because Christ also suffered for us, leaving us an example, that you should follow His steps


Verse 1 – A-live!

I never thought that I would be on this path that I’m on/
I ran the streets so much that they became my home/
But I was all alone except for my big homie Tupac/
Cuz me against the world was my only zone/

I copied like a clone/
The rose that grew from the concrete was my story too/
It’s Thug Life! Let’s get it on/
But I was so wrong, I lived in the past looking to my future somehow expecting myself to be strong/

But my heart longed, for a place of rest/
No stress, I got tired of failing knowing I was a champion/
I had to give it up/
There was no future in my fronting; I was mistaking thinking that I could live it up/Sample

Uh Huh! That’s what I had to say/
I worked hard but I partied more than kid and play/
From the night to the day/
I stayed slapping God in His face til He put in my place where I had to say/Sample


Verse 2 – A-live!

My path started crooked but God set me straight/
I was on my way to hell but now I see the pearly gates/
Where there’s eternal life with Jesus Christ/
The risen savior, the way, the truth and life/

Amazing grace homie, that’s what that is/
The blood from the cross washed me from my sin/
Unspeakable joy has invaded my heart/
Now I got a chance to take a stand and really play my part/Sample

It’s no other way/
The way that seems right leads to death, I hate to say/
This Gospel that we preach, Aye this thing is real/
That’s why we tell the world that Satan out to steal and kill so/Sample

Im here to loose the chains/
And break the back of the devil in Jesus holy name/
Man, this thing is real, I pray you will receive it/
The forgiveness of God and follow Christ Jesus/


Verse 3 – A-live!

So there you have it, it’s laid out for you to choose/
One path you win, one path you lose/
But listen here’s the clue, Clue #1/
Take the clock off snooze and really think about what you need to do/

I know this aint something you usually think about/
But we in the last days this something you need to think about/
Cuz time is running out/
And you don’t wanna be standing before the Lord when it’s too late and there’s no way out/

I know you’ve done things that you know aint right/
You past stealing your future like a thief in the night/
But listen here’s the light and the light is Christ/
And His is path is right but His path is tight/

The bible says the gate is narrow only few will find/
Im begging you not asking, don’t get left behind/
(It aint over yet fam, it aint over)
I’m begging you not asking, don’t get left behind/



from This One's For You, released January 8, 2011
Produced, recorded & mixed by Livng Epistle for Shockwave Productions.
Mastered by SoundLab at DiscMakers.



all rights reserved


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