This One's For You

by A-live!

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    Vessels of Truth present A-live! in This One's For You. This is my first real CD as an artist of the Gospel. This CD is a small part of the vision that God has given me to "Go into the world and preach the Gospel to every creature". Mark 15:16. You can download the tracks for FREE! May Christ reign supreme in your heart.

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released January 8, 2011

Tracks produced, recorded and mixed by Living Epistle for Shockwave Productions.
One Life to Live produced by J-Myth (Jhonuelle Hollins)
Photography by Emmitt Drumgoole
Graphic Design by Archie McCoy - Threefold Company
A-live! freehanded by Slyvester Labome (SylRyze')

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Track Name: This One's For You
Verse 1– A-live!

I got some good news for you in these last days/
Hope is still alive and there’s a better way/
But do me a favor real quick and put the past back/
We know that there’s no way that we can bring the past back/

I’m sure that it’s a fact you’ve had some hard times/
You out here on your own, staying on the grind/
And I respect that fam because I understand/
But on the flip side I know God has a plan/

For your life, no matter the cards you were dealt/
You think your hand was bad imagine what the Savior felt/
Rejection, pain, broken, and bruised/
Misunderstood, brutally beaten, scorned and used/

All the pain you’ve been through, He understands it all/
And that’s the reason why I had to write this song/
Because He’s real, He’s God faithful and true/
Turn the volume (Yea!) This one’s for you!


Verse 2– A-live!

This song is for my brother who out there hustling/
The God that made you owns everything just trust in him/
My sister with 3 children and they daddy gone/
(Knock, knock who is it Jesus) Hey!! Daddy’s home/

The one that’s all alone, waiting on her man/
Take Christ by the hand and then you’ll understand/
This for my brother raised by his mother who has no love/
And to his father who had no father who died from drugs/

This song is for the homeless/ this is song for the broke/
This song is for D-boy who out there selling dope/
This cut was made for me and the people I love/
This track is just for you, with a love from above/

Jesus Christ, Jesus Christ, this one’s for you/
We all praying and asking for the strength to get through/
My Precious Jesus, this one’s for you/
Lord I’m praying and asking for the strength to get through/


Verse 3– A-live!

For God so loved the world, he gave his only son/
To all that believe have the right to become/
Children of the most high, salt of the earth/
Light of the world, Redeemed so the curse is reversed/

A mansion up in heaven with your name on it/
You’ll be protected in these streets, when you rolling/
Love and peace in your heart to give him glory/
No shame, do your thing, go ahead and tell your story/

Man, my life was hard, it hit me where it hurt/
Plenty bruises and scars, face down in the dirt/
No love only pain, that’s the reason I failed/
Sick and tired of the struggle, I was going through hell/

Until I met Christ, He said He died for me/
Because He understood the pain and misery/
Now I’m a new man with a new plan/
Give your life to Christ and let this be you fam/
Track Name: Satisfied
Verse 1 – A-live!

I remember, in the club sweet talking women wit my words/
Now I gotta wife straight out the 31st of Proverbs/
Skipping class, selling weed to make my cash/
Everyday was Halloween cuz I kept a mask on/

You would have never know who I was/
I was repping blood and acting like a thug/
But now I rep the Blood of the one they drug/
He took my pain away like Tin Su back rub/

So now I testify because the Lord is Great/
And man, I feel just fine like I was Mary J/
Made up like Mary K, he washed me white as snow/
My life was dark as night, this is what you need to know/

That I was in them streets, and I was on them sweets/
I was between them sheets, but my life was In-Com-Plete/
Until I met the Lord, Have you met the Lord/
I’m gon keep testifying, until we all on board/ Let’s Go!!


Verse 2 – Chos’in (Cory B)

I gotta testify no matter the cost cuz/
Christ endured He sacrificed and shed His blood/
He gave his life to give you life, that’s what you call love/
He was beat, battered and slain, that’s what the cost was/

That’s what the cost was, (I said that’s what the cost was) /
That’s why I’m raw and rugged for the Christ like the cross was/
Yea!!!! Get a load of this cuzz/
I was heavy on them drugs and addicted to strip clubs/

Ran with a click of thugs, always kept a mean mug/
Trying to fill that void but I was missing Elohim’s love/
Yea! And I was stuck off in that mud/
And slipping in that miry clay, He came and picked me up/

Yea! Aye! And fear had me bound/
But amazing grace, how sweet the sound/
Uh! That saved a wretch like me/
I went from least likely to succeed to a college degree/


Verse 3 - Hollis

Another sixteen inspired by the Holy Spirit/
World class Christian releasing Holy lyrics/
We done rolled the prisons and seen my folk delivered/
Yea they know He’s risen saw it with my own vision/

Man they in the system but the system not in them/
Dude came to me and said he got fifty years/
Dude faith was strong, he told me keep pressing on/
And use the microphone and show these brothers right from wrong/

And so I write this song, not with my might alone/
Inspired by my Christians brothers that may not come home/
Doing a life sentence still fighting to the finish/
Pursuing Christ image covered in that white linen/

Man they in them chains while we out here playing games/
They on another level, what if you had that shovel/
Would you repping Christ if you were facing twenty to life/
We gotta get it right and put our minds on that flight/
Track Name: The Seeking Savior
Verse 1 – A-live!

He came to this Earth to seek and save the Lost/
He paid our debt for sin with his work on the cross/
But it didn’t stop there in that lonely grave/
He rose with all power on the third day/

He told his disciples to wait/
Off in the upper room/
But they had no idea/
He would be coming soon/

Through the Holy Ghost/
Yes, Yes, the Holy Ghost/
And they got drunk in the Spirit/
When Christ sent for the Toast/

Nobody had to boast, they were all endued with power/
And Peter happen to just be the man of the hour/
He preached his first sermon and many souls were saved/
The Gospel of the Christ homie, is here to stay/


Verse 2– A-live!

A! Say, put your trust in Christ/
The devil comes to steal and kill but Jesus gives abundant life/
A! The devil out here telling lies/
Guard your heart with Truth and don’t be fooled, he’s coming disguise/

But Jesus Christ is the Way, the Truth and Life/
He is the Resurrection, the Perfect Sacrifice/
He’s the Great I AM, He is the King of the Jews/
He’s the Lion of Judah, He is the Good News/

He’s the Light of the World/
He’s the Rose of Sharon/
Allah, Buddha, Confucius/
Uh-huh, It’s no comparing/

To Jesus Christ/
The Risen Savior/
Who is this King of Glory/
He’s the one that made ya/
Track Name: New Life
Verse 1 - A-live!

There’s new life in the Christ, Yea that’s right/
He’s the life and the light, in the darkest of nights/
The devil’s fighting you, to keep you from this truth/
Cuz’ when you get this truth, them shackles will be loosed/

And, I’m homie I am proof, that the Gospel is real/
That the Gospel, that the Gospel is real/
It’s so real that I live, cuz I should’ve been dead/
Or locked in the pen, doing time in the fedz/

But listen, I am here, I came to bring you hope/
This life’s a tug-o-war, but Jesus wants to take the rope/
The question’s will you give, it up so you can live/ (Give it up, Give it up)
That’s right, do you wanna live? /

Verse 2 – Neicey

New Life, like a fresh pair of sneakers on my feet/
The Gospel of peace now I’m ready to speak/
It renews my mind and converts my thoughts/
Now I live the good life in this body that He bought/

With the blood of Jesus who made it possible/
For new behavior in His love and grace to be probable/
Now I put it on the peace of God in true righteousness/
And holiness, His kindness and forgiveness til’ I rest/

I’m astonished to be blessed in every test to be reset/
In faithfulness now I kept at His chest, in His new heart/
A new start, A new mind now I shine like the start that I are/
Because He lives to forgive to resurrect not reject/

My soul, to make me whole, took control/
Though I was shape in iniquity, he sent to me/
Salvation was His gift to me, relation to the Son/
To the king, Now I sing a new song in His freedom/

Verse 3 - Living Epistle

Yea! Newness of life, thank God I got Christ/
New gift of sight, thank God I found Christ/
Or better yet he found me, I was drowning in a sea/
Of selfishness and darkness all surrounded me/

I’m telling you I was blind but now I see/
Thank you Jesus, your love abounds in me/
Yes! God is going green/
He renewed me recycled me clean, fresh like Irish spring/

You think you know me on the outside I look the same/
But check the x-rays on the inside, there’s been a change/
Buried with Him through baptism into death/
He took under brought me up now I’m walking fresh/

Long gone is that season when I was depressed/
He scrubs iniquity off til there’s no left/
I’m confident that this good He will complete/
Like a honeycomb, this new life is so sweet/

Track Name: It's All About Love
Verse 1 – Joshua Moses

What is this world without love/
They asked what it got to do with it, so much/
Perhaps that can fill the X that’s gets you nonetheless than progression/
Where nothing can contend to a union, that’s a blessing/

Resurrect potential, discover love it’ll send you/
Into a place you never been too/
I feel your pain, I done rolled that rollercoaster/
But then, when I walked away the big picture came closer/

Something like a focus, my mirror never focused/
Now recently focused on bringing life into the hopeless/
(Keep Hope Alive!)
Cuz your break is coming near/
All you have to help is by releasing all your fears/

And, one more thing, every solutions not a phone call/
You got questions, need answers make a throne call/
What’s a getting up without a fall/
Familiar right before your walked there was a crawl/

Verse 2 – A-live!

Growing up was hard, my daddy wasn’t home/
My momma did the best she could but she was all alone/(I love you Mama!)
I stayed out past the street lights/
I was young and dumb, sucked up in the street life/

Uh! And, you know how the streets go/
If you been in the streets, you know anything goes/
Listen! You wonder where’s the love in the city/
And if you from the country then I’m fo sho that your with me/

I was looking for love but kinda scared to show it/
That’s why I acted so tough figured no one would notice/
I lived my life kinda rough so people called me roughish/
But when I looked in the mirror I couldn’t seem to focus/

Man, my life was so broken, felt like I had no heart/
Bruised and scarred from the world trying to tear me apart/
Now this love that I found filled the hole in my soul/
Now I got love and peace just like a 1 year old/


Verse 3 – A-live!

What is love to you? What is love to me? /
It really don’t matter the text says love is G-O-D/
Love is Christ, Love is Life/
I’m loving life because I’m loving Christ/

We need to get this love thing down fam/
Cuz it’s already enough hate to go around fam/
And, when we hate we hurting/
Cuz nobody feels our pain in first person/

Uh! And, we ask ourselves the question why/ Why?
We think we the only ones. Don’t believe the lie/
Listen! Cuz, I done walk the walk with you/
But it changed for me when Christ came in the picture/

Uh! He said son I took it all away/
Now go and love like I loved you with no delay/
And, give what I gave you/
And go and act it out like an impromptu/
Track Name: Without Christ
Conversation - TikaStar* & Living Epistle

Verse 1 – Living Epistle

Tell me do he make you feel trifling/
Last week you fornicated with him and you aint heard from him/
Are you really in love with him?/
Or you attracted to his rims spinning on S Benz/

Maybe it’s the money he spends (Girl, he make ends)/
Is that why you feeling him or is it the clothes he in/
You fantasize about marrying him/
But he don’t bring you around family and friends/

He lusted you and left you so now you hating men/
Used to be a good girl now you living in sin/
Got tired of getting played so now you now you playing the game/
Compromised yourself now you living in shame/

Check your self esteem babygirl you are a Queen/
You worth more than his check if you know what I mean/
Some brothers got no remorse they want more/
But all is fair in lust and war/

That brother says he love you but it done feel right/
You really don’t know love til you know the love of Christ/
You wanna be loved for the rest of your life/
Well, you really don’t know love til you know the love of Christ/

Verse 2 – A-live!

There is no love without Christ, there is no love in this life/
You been to Vegas? Same thing, just like a roll of the dice/
You gambling without him, you chance is slimmer than slim/
Trying live without God, is like a hat with no brim/

He’ll be the shade in the sun/
He’ll be the wind when you run/
God manifested in flesh/
We call Him, Jesus the Son/

He is the air that you breathe/
The very beat of your heart/
The Virgin Mary conceived/
That was His plan from the start/ Redemption


Verse 3 – A-live!

Christ loves unconditionally that agape love that’s the love that’s meant for me/
Better yet meant for He and meant for She and meant for We by the grace of G-O-D/
Listen, God is not a man for he tell no lies, you gotta watch a man’s love cuz it come in disguise/
Whispers of sweet nothings at first sound so live but when it come to the truth you on a ride full of lies/

But the love of Christ, I said the love of Christ/
Is the way to the light the only way to the right/
The kind of love in a battle when there’s no need that you fight/
That’s why He died on the cross to be the Lord of your life/

Aye! His Name is Jesus, I pray that you call on His Name/
Cuz please believe me, the devil aint playing no games/
Cuz when them times get rough and situations get tough/
I gurantee you he’s (Satan) adding more fuel to the flame/

More stress, more lies, more pain, more evil/
You tell me what you see in the eyes of his people/
More lust, more pride, more fame, more cash/
More lights, more cameras, more action, more flash/

But none of it will last when you give it to God/
Just give your life to God/
Say, give it all to God/

Track Name: One Representation
Verse 1 – A-live!

I gotta rep his name, he got me out them chains/
I was like Scarface, I was deep off in the game/
He gave me a new name, he changed my mind frame/
Now I’m like Apostle Paul for Christ I’m unashamed/

I’m bout to lose my brain, Yea my Savior came/
He ascended into Heaven and poured his spirit out like rain/
Hey!! That’s why we gotta stand up/
And represent the King man I know that aint too much/

Because, he did it for you, he did it for me/
He bruised and beat, yet washed our feet and died on a tree/
That’s why, I’ll bless the Lord with all of my soul/
Jesus Christ of Nazareth is the greatest story told/

So, ain’t no sense in playing because the lamb was slain/
So when you see me please know that I’m repping his name/
I gotta rep the Lord, I gotta rep the King/
Forget the fame and change, its Christ over everything/


Verse 2 – Cory B (Chos'in)

I rep the, King of Kings and the Boss of all Bosses/
Lord of all Lords, who they nailed to the Cross and/
Put Him in a tomb but he never took a loss/
Cuz He rose on the 3rd to redeem all the lost/

Yea! Its so much power in the name/
Mention Jesus Christ, the atmosphere change/
Demons get to fleeing and they start going insane/
And they have no other choice but to let go of the chains/

Man! And no it’s not a game/
Did I forget to mention, I’m not in it for the change/
Naw! And I aint in it for the fame neither/
I just came to do one thing and that’s to rep the name of Jesus/

Christ! The way, the truth, and the life mayne/
I’m unashamed, I rep Him all day and night mayne/
I go against the grain and that’s right mayne/
To live is Christ and to die is Gain/


Verse 3 – A-live!

We gotta rep his name, its people out there dying/
They need to hear the Gospel, we can help stop the crying/
We can help stop the lying, and get em’ out of danger/
Just from telling them about the baby in the manger/

That’s why they call us strangers, we in a foreign land/
Lets not sin by being silent, we need to take a stand/
(Talking) For real, its time to speak up and represent the King/
Lets not sin by being silent, we need to take a stand/

Huh! The time is up for being discreet/
Just like the Woman at the Well, let’s take it to the streets/
From the hood to the city, can’t forget the suburbs/
I know we love him, lets show we love him, lets live his word/

(Talking) C’mon man! Who gon ride with me and the share the good news/
You riding! I’m riding! Let’s roll/
We hit the streets screaming/
Christ, Christ, the Way, the Truth and Life

Track Name: One Life to Live (P.U.S.H)
Verse 1 – A-live!

I push it to the limit like Ricky Ross/
But I aint pushing bricks, I’m pushing the Cross/
I’m pushing the Lord, I’m pushing the King/
Yea, Yea, Yea!! It’s Christ over everything/

And I aint gotta sing cuz you hear me rapping/
This is not Hustler music you wont catch me trapping/
No pistol packing, no money stacking/
I will not live my life saluting to the wrong captain/

They say pray until something happen/
So that’s what I gotta do until I get my breakthrough/
Now that I got me do you got you? /
Or will you just play the fool and act like you too cool/

No matter what you choose, know that you have a choice/
Satan will try to silence you but you still have a voice/
You got the gift of life so gone live it up/
Live it for the Christ homeboy and never give up/


Verse 2 – Cory B (Chos'in)

Its evident where were created to worship the Lord/
He told Abraham I’m your exceeding and great reward/
I’m your peace and joy, I’m the Real McCoy/
The thief only want one thing and that’s to kill steal and destroy/

Oh boy! Listen up His Name is Jesus Christ/
He’s the way, truth and the Life and He came to give abundant life/
He who loses his life is he who gains his life/
And he who loses his life is he who tries to save his life/

So please, don’t get caught up in this world man/
It’s an emotional rollercoaster, will have you in a whirlwind/
What do it profit a man til gain the whole world and/
He lose his soul when this world end/

This earth gone pass away and this world’s a façade/
So store you treasure in Heaven, live your life for God/
Don’t get caught up with chasing money, big houses and cars/
I know times get hard but keep pushing for God/


Verse 3 – A-live!

You gotta push it to the limit no matter the stress/
Because it’s just a test to get you off your quest/
You’ve been blessed by the best, His name is Jesus Christ/
He’s the reason that your breathing, He’s the one that gave you life/

Take a look in the mirror you’ve been made in His image/
Time to get in the game, Time is up for the scrimmage/
So bounce it out like Emmitt, run for the Hall of Fame/
I mean the Hall of Faith, Hebrews 11 mayne/

Yes Sir! Obey the commands of the Lord/
You gotta push it to the limit no matter the score/
Just when you think you down, He comes and pick you up/
You look up you in the end zone now go ahead and do your strut/

Haha!! I’m talking bout victory/
Listen this is all true, this is no trickery/
Go head and finish strong and never give up/
Never give up, never give up, ne-ne-ne never give up! /

Verse 4 – Blue City

Signs of the times, the end is so near/
Walking through the fire with no fear and I'm still standing when the smoke clears/
Yea! The hustle's the prize o' the high calling/
The foundation is shaking even the sky's falling/

I'm in a daze, the days they come and they go/
Weeks and years have no mercy, they want the trumpet to blow/
All of creation's preparing for the return/
So while I'm on my knees, I see the ants and learn/

Like "Why the never stopping?", got my mental jotting/
Notes bout a hope that no sluggard has a lot in/
So it's the Spirit n' the inner fire He ignites/
Got our fists clenched tight even though it's a fixed fight/

My heart, my mind, my life, my talents, my time/
They died with Jesus my purpose was redesigned/
Redefined, redeemed, and reborn/
A-live, Blue City, we blowing the king’s horn/

Track Name: Final Destination (Paradise)
Verse 1 - A-live!

I wanna be in P-a-r-a-d-i-s-e/
With the living water and no jets skis/
Yes! I’ll be eternally vacating/
Aint no sense in contemplating, cuz Heaven is my Destination/

Huh! And I never thought I’d make it/
I was playing church, I was too busy faking/
But I was sadly mistaken/
Until I got the revelation, that the fire in hell is blazing/

So now I’m chasing, I gotta see his face/
Full of glory, compassion, mercy, and grace/
Go ahead and get a taste/
And you’ll see that the Lord is good, he died for our sins and he took our place/

Go ahead and start the race, and suit up for the fight/
Cuz Jesus is coming back like a thief in the night/
So let your light shine bright and stay up in them scriptures/
You got a mansion in Paradise, don’t let it miss ya/


Verse 2 - A-live!

Is there a Heaven for a G, that’s the question I used to ask/
But I wasn’t think about Heaven, I just wanted cash/
Had to get my money, had to stack it tall/
My only mission in life was to knock off the mall/

And ball til’ I fall, and drank til’ I faint/
They used to call me Shaq Diesel, I went hard in the paint/
(It’s Crazy) I lived a life full of sin/
But when I got the pearly gates I wanted in/

Not realizing sin separated me from God/
In my pursuit for happiness, I was really getting robbed/
Satan stayed on his job, but the Christ did too/
My life was dark as night but the light from Heaven broke through/

Now I’m saying what it do, on my way to paradise/
Yes his word is true, he gave me eternal life/
This is just for you, no matter what you did last night/
Just give your life to the Christ and see you up in the Paradise/


Verse 3 - A-live!

Pearly gates, streets of gold, what a scene/
And eternity is a long time know what I mean/
Will you go? Do you think he’d let you in/
Or will he say depart from me you worker of sin/

Are you sure? Or do you need to second guess/
Cuz getting in takes more than just saying that you blessed/
It takes a life surrendered to the Lord Jesus Christ/
Sample – If you want Paradise/

What’s on ya mind bruh?
Man, I don’t know and honestly I’m not sure/
Cuz when I think of God, I think a life full of chores/
But I wanna spend my after-life in paradise/
I know that God is real, I just can’t get it right/
Track Name: F-O-C-U-S

Verse 1 – A-live!

Just take a look around family, cant you see/
A hundred thousand people die daily, its such a tragedy/
Catastrophes, too many broken families/
When I’m watching TV, I wonder does it have to be/

A world full of hatred, and robbing/
And killing, and stealing this world is conniving/
Seems like a murder every time, a burglar in his prime/
It’s grittier than grime cuz it’s a daily grind/

We in the last of last the last of the last days/
Don’t be focused on who moved your cheese in the maze/
Just turn the page and see the truth/
The truth is the reason why I entered this booth/

So see it for yourself when there’s no one else/
Cuz every knee will bow that’s why the bible says save yourselves/
See it for yourself when there’s no one else/
Cuz every knee will bow that’s why the bible says save yourselves/


Verse 2 – A-live!

Clue 1, choose Christ/
Cuz if not it’s like a three or twelve the first time you roll the dice/
Gambling aint nice, eventually you’ll crap out/
Satan’s plan is to get you in the ring and make you tap out/

He got it mapped out, look at the murder rate/
Look at them prison cells, my fam behind the gates/
Doing 20 years, 30 years, 50 years/
They do so many years, they faces filled with tears/

There is no laugh now, there’s only cry later/
And we walking around talking about how we love our haters/
Where’s our focus fam, lets get back to the basics/
We are not actors and this is not the Matrix/

There’s only pill and that pill is the bible/
And yes that man is real, He died for your survival/
Lets get our focus back while were in these last days/
And straighten up like edge up or get played like spades/


Verse 3 – DAY

We in the last days, turn from your wicked ways fam/
This is a dangerous game that you playing, I’m just saying/
Aint much time remaining, you living in sin/
And Satan got you thinking you going to Heaven/

This is a trick of the enemy fam, Open your eyes and see fam/
Resist the devil and he will flee, from you like he did me/
I know you truly believe but you have truly been deceived/
You say that Jesus is your friend, No matter your sin/

You say that He will make a way and His kingdom is where you’ll stay/
I heard this before sounds like a trick of the enemy/
It’s for your benefit to go to God and submit and repent of all your sins and be cleansed by the blood of the lamb/
Jesus Christ the Great I am, I’m telling you cuz I love you fam/

Here’s a clue for your spiritual man, the bible says it so its true/
Come to Christ and He’ll come to you/
Turn you dark skies into blue, yea its true/
Become totally new, you waiting on him and he’s waiting on you/

Track Name: Follow Christ
Verse 1 – A-live!

I never thought that I would be on this path that I’m on/
I ran the streets so much that they became my home/
But I was all alone except for my big homie Tupac/
Cuz me against the world was my only zone/

I copied like a clone/
The rose that grew from the concrete was my story too/
It’s Thug Life! Let’s get it on/
But I was so wrong, I lived in the past looking to my future somehow expecting myself to be strong/

But my heart longed, for a place of rest/
No stress, I got tired of failing knowing I was a champion/
I had to give it up/
There was no future in my fronting; I was mistaking thinking that I could live it up/Sample

Uh Huh! That’s what I had to say/
I worked hard but I partied more than kid and play/
From the night to the day/
I stayed slapping God in His face til He put in my place where I had to say/Sample


Verse 2 – A-live!

My path started crooked but God set me straight/
I was on my way to hell but now I see the pearly gates/
Where there’s eternal life with Jesus Christ/
The risen savior, the way, the truth and life/

Amazing grace homie, that’s what that is/
The blood from the cross washed me from my sin/
Unspeakable joy has invaded my heart/
Now I got a chance to take a stand and really play my part/Sample

It’s no other way/
The way that seems right leads to death, I hate to say/
This Gospel that we preach, Aye this thing is real/
That’s why we tell the world that Satan out to steal and kill so/Sample

Im here to loose the chains/
And break the back of the devil in Jesus holy name/
Man, this thing is real, I pray you will receive it/
The forgiveness of God and follow Christ Jesus/


Verse 3 – A-live!

So there you have it, it’s laid out for you to choose/
One path you win, one path you lose/
But listen here’s the clue, Clue #1/
Take the clock off snooze and really think about what you need to do/

I know this aint something you usually think about/
But we in the last days this something you need to think about/
Cuz time is running out/
And you don’t wanna be standing before the Lord when it’s too late and there’s no way out/

I know you’ve done things that you know aint right/
You past stealing your future like a thief in the night/
But listen here’s the light and the light is Christ/
And His is path is right but His path is tight/

The bible says the gate is narrow only few will find/
Im begging you not asking, don’t get left behind/
(It aint over yet fam, it aint over)
I’m begging you not asking, don’t get left behind/

Track Name: Only He Can Do It
I love you! But Jesus loves you more!!